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  • Update Date:2024-03-06
  • Units:The 2nd Teaching Division
NYCU SDGs -Tree Climbing
113 Tree Climbing
Tree Climbing
Center for Physical Education and Sports, NYCU (NYCU PEO) invites everyone to walk into nature & climb trees with us.
Through Tree Climbing, we unstructured to experience the balance of hand-eye coordination, core exercises, body rhythm and overcome our fear for heights, not only you can get close with trees, but also learn how to protect trees, cherish the environment and respect the importance of life from the process of climbing trees and experience sustainable ecology. Loving trees starts from climbing trees!
Event date:March 20 (Wed.)the event may be postponed in case of rain.
Activity time:08:30-12:00,12:30-16:00, Each session lasts 1.5 hours.
Venue:(Guangfu Campus ) Library Square
Objects of the activity:Faculty teachers, staff, and students of our university,60 people (Free)
Registration website:Registration websit
Registration ends at 3pm on March 12th
(1) If the number of students enrolled exceeds the number of activities, a lottery system will be adopted, and the admission will be notified by email before March 14.
(2)The ID number (Residence card number) is ONLY used for insurance purposes, and the height and weight are references for tree climbing equipment.
Contact:Ms Wu 03-5712121-51005 ,