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NYCU Office of Physical Education


  • Update Date:2024-03-18
  • Units:The 2nd Activity Division
2024 NCTU Day Alumni Cup sports tournament (Registration accepted from 3/18 to 3/29)
Date: 4/13 (Saturday)
Events: Tennis, Table Tennis (Youth Group, Senior Group), Badminton (General Group, Competitive Group), Volleyball (Men's Group, Women's Group), Basketball (limited to 12 teams), Softball (limited to 4 teams)
Registration Period: From 9:00 am on March 18, 2024 (Monday) to 12:00 pm on March 29, 2024 (Friday). (Registration forms sent outside the above period will not be accepted)
Registration Method: Paper registration. Please fill out the registration form according to the format and email it to (The two groups of activities will email back upon receiving the registration form. If you have not received it, please call (03)5712121 ext. 51002, Ms. Hsiao, to confirm and ensure that the registration process is completed)
Basketball is limited to 12 teams, based on the order of submission of the registration form.
Softball is limited to 4 teams. A draw will be held at 12:20 pm on 3/29 to decide.
After the registration deadline, changes to the roster will not be accepted.