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NYCU Office of Physical Education

Concept & Future Development

  • Update Date:2023-08-30
  • Units:Office of Physical Education
Core Values
Our goal is to strengthen students’ bodies and bring them to the habit of exercising regularly. Through various sport games and competitions, students can learn the virtue of cooperation and team work.
  1. What we teach
    • Freshmen will be sorted by class. Sophomore and junior students have to choose the class they wish to attend. Senior students can choose the class they are interested in. There are various subjects for sophomores and juniors to choose from: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer,…etc. Furthermore, classes have different levels so that students could choose according to their strength. Classes for senior students include: Tactics of Basketball (class A and B), Competition of Badminton (class A and B), Advanced Tennis(class A and B), Competition of Soccer and the Theory of Body-building.
    • We regard swimming as one of the compulsory subjects. Therefore, lessons on swimming and life-saving skills are very important. Students who do not pass these tests cannot graduate.
    • PE classes carry out normally on rainy days and cooperate with E-teaching.
    • Special PE class are provided for students with disability or certain diseases. Lessons included physical therapy and common knowledge of physical education were given.
    • Physical strength survey were required among freshmen, and should computerize the document as a reference of teaching.
  2. Extracurricular activities
    • We provide students with extracurricular activity spaces. Aside from the gym and badminton building, there are outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball fields, track fields, score fields and the swimming pool to choose from. These places are all available during night time.
    • We hold freshmen competitions, track and field competitions, swimming competitions, and school games during the first semester. Inter-department game, inter-department swimming game, road running and graduate games take place during the second semester.
  3. School teams
    Our school teams include: male teams on basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, ping-pong, badminton, tennis, track and field, swimming, archery and taekwondo; female teams on basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton and swimming. Each team has their own coach and are trained more than twice a week. Training also takes place during summer and winter vacations. Students often attend competitions across the country to honor the school.
Long-Term Plan
  1. Teaching division
    • Include senior PE classes into graduate credits to increase students’ interest in choosing the class.
    • Strengthen the bodies of students and teachers.
    • Hiring teachers with different specialties to cope with the trend of recreational sports and the Mei-Chu game. Providing students with different classes and promoting students into making exercise a life-long habit.
  2. Equipment
    We have an in-door swimming pool, a new gymnasium, a composite sports building which give students and teachers a better space to exercise.
  3. Activities and contests
    Besides the freshmen competition, swimming competition, school games, road running and inter-department games, we are planning more games such as the three-on-three basketball game, tug of war, and competitions between campuses.
  4. Scholarship
    We provide students who excels in sports with scholarships to encourage everyone to join school teams not just to promote their strength, but to bring accomplishments for the school.