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Sports Credit

  • Update Date:2023-08-30
  • Units:Office of Physical Education
Sports Credit Ranking Standard
Adopted in 2006/03/30, 94 academic year second semester second council meeting
Adopted in 2005/09/08, 94 academic year first semester first council meeting
  1. Theme: Established based on our notion to encourage students participate actively both inside and outside NCTU, and to cultivate outstanding school teams bringing honor to our school.
  2. Advisor: Student Affairs Office
  3. Host: Physical Education Office
  4. Implementation date: Since 94 academic year, this sports credit calculation was counted by academic year.
  5. Object: Departments in NCTU
  6. Measures: Sports credits were divided into two parts, on-campus and off-campus. The credit will be announced on the physical education office website.
    • Off-campus credits: Based on the formal games record departments represent NCTU to attend, the credits are given according to the record. Subjects included in scoring:
      • Competitions held by Ministry of Education and Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation
        e.g.: National Intercollegiate Athletic Games
        Scoring method: Based on team members recorded on the program, if teams win places in group games, departments of its team member can respectively receive credits by the following: 7 points for champion, 5 points for the runner-up, 4 points for the second runner-up, 3 for the fourth place, 2 for the fifth place, and 1 for the sixth place. Individual sports such as track-and-field and swimming would only count individual scores instead of group scores. Different events can count separately.
      • Mei-Chu
        Department of the winning team members gain 7 points respectively, 3 points if the game is a tie, and no point was added if lose.
      • National competitions
        For instance, the Da dian competition, there should be at least 30 teams participating in the contest. Once winning, meaning that departments can receive credits as following: 14 points for champion, 10 points for the runner-up, 8 for the second runner-up, 6 for the fourth place, 4 for the fifth place, and 2 for the sixth place.
      • Represent R.O.C. to participate in international competitions
        Asian and intercontinental competitions gain credits 3 times by the standard of National Intercollegiate Athletic Games; Worldwide competitions gain credits 5 times by the standard of National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.
      • Teams participating in worldwide intercollegiate competitions, should present the program and records to office of physical education in the week after the competition ended, to be considered within the scoring.
    • On-campus credits: On-campus competitions hosted or co-hosted by physical education office, including the followings:
      • Freshmen Competition
        Departments of the winning teams gain credits respectively by 7 points for champion, 5 for runner-up, 4 for second runner-up, 3 for the fourth place, 2 for the fifth place, and 1 for the sixth place; individual games such as swimming only count for the group championships.
  7. Credibility: Departments with the highest credit sum up will be rewarded with bonus: 50,000 NTD for the first place, 30,000 NTD for the second place, 10,000 NTD for the third place. In order to subside the conduction of PE activities or the need of purchasing sport facilities. Also, departments can enjoy the privilege of free application of using NYCU’s sports venues. First to third places enjoy privilege on sport venues respectively equivalent to 30,000 to 10,000 NTD.
  8. Departments can apply for the bonus in time, for conducting sports activities or purchasing sport facilities. Application should be send to physical education office after recognized by the department office. The upper limit will be the bonus each departments gain.
  9. The standards in this regulation are decided by the activity division. If there is any dispute or doubt, committee will be held to present the decision: composition of the committee are the director of the physical education office and the group leader of group 3.
  10. The applying of sport venues should be done in the academic year after receiving the award.
  11. If the original registration form need fixing, coaches of each teams should propose to change.
  12. After this standard was passed by the council meeting, the standard should be adopted after admitted and signed by dean of student affairs; same procedure should be held when adjusting the standard.