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  • Update Date:2024-05-02
  • Units:Center for Physical Education and Sports
2024 Summer Sports Camp is now open for registration.(Kuangfu Campus)

Join us for a wonderful and fulfilling summer time!
#refer to the class brochures

Our summer sports program has been running for over ten years, providing not only a reassuring sports environment but also a professional teaching team. With a variety of sports activities, we aim to enhance physical fitness and cultivate interest in sports.

Registration is open from today until June 14th.
Registration link
(The classes will be conducted in Chinese.)

【Promotion Plan】
The more courses a student registers for, the more discounts they can enjoy!
Note: Discounts are calculated based on courses registered by the same student; for any unresolved matters, please refer to the explanation of organizer (NYCU PEO).

Contact:03-5712121-51005 Miss Wu,