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  • Update Date:2024-05-02
  • Units:Center for Physical Education and Sports
Workshop on Health, Psychology and Exercis
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Having to do a lot of things within the same timeframe, not enough time.
Heavy academic pressure.
Interpersonal relationships with classmates, teachers, and roommates.
Choosing between postgraduate studies and employment after graduation.
Frequently caught in comparisons, the stronger the competitive mentality, the more fragile the inner self.

College students face low happiness, feelings of depression, and multiple challenges in life.
They continuously accumulate negative emotions that they cannot digest, feeling tired all the time, unable to concentrate, emotionally sensitive, and unable to rest properly.

When we assume that the recovery time for a cold is one week, for COVID-19 it's three weeks, and for a fracture it's two months... How much time should be given for the hidden psychological wounds to heal?

Center for Physical Education and Sports (NYCU,PEO) will incorporate mindfulness exercises into sports education, combining physical activity with mental health perspectives, accompanying everyone in resetting their body and mind through 'self-care', improving emotional stress, alleviating anxiety, and enhancing spiritual and life quality.

Event:Pound Unplugged
Teacher:Michael Chow
Time: May 15th (Wednesday)15:40~16:40

Event:Is not exercising a crime?
Teacher:Houyuan Huan
Time: May 29th (Wednesday)15:30~17:00

Objects of the activity:students of our university,30 people (Free)
Venue:(Kuang-Fu Campus ) Physical Fitness Room (B1., Gymnasium)
Registration website ​ ​
Note: Participants who complete the event will be provided with a healthy meal.
Contact window:03-5712121#51005 ,